TagExplorer changelog

Version (25.12.2014)

  • New: added Dutch translation.

Version (22.12.2014)

  • Fixed: issue with convertation of text encodings in the extended tag mode.
  • Updated: Polish, Hungarian, German translations.

Version (16.12.2014)

  • New: Deleting multiple numbers of frames for Comment, Lyrics, URL, User text and Cover art.
  • New: expanded options of the dialog box "Browse for folder".
  • New: added a menu item "Extended tag editor".
  • Fixed: incorrect result of "Initial key" after saving tag.

Version (28.11.2013)

  • New: added German translation.

Version (05.11.2013)

  • New: added Chinese Simplified and Spanish languages.
  • Updated: Hungarian and Polish translation

Version (24.10.2013)

  • New: added ability to create playlist of selected files only.
  • New: added a confirmation dialog that is called when you try to save an existing file for the Comment, Lyrics an Cover Art frames.

Version (10.10.2013)

  • New: added Polish language.
  • Fixed: bug with empty user defined genre list.
  • Fixed: crash that occurred when moving files into a folder under Windows 8.1.
  • Fixed: issue that occurred when saving empty fields Genre and Initial Key.
  • Improved: minor code optimization.

Version (27.09.2013)

  • New: added extended tag editor.
  • Fixed: issue with prohibited characters in file names of comment and lyrics fields.
  • Fixed: it was impossible to remove selected text in the edit boxes when pressing key "Delete".
  • Fixed: bug that occurred when resizing panel of folder tree to minimum and subsequent size restoring.
  • Improved: minor UI changes.

Version (30.06.2013)

  • New: added Hungarian language.
  • New: after first run the application determines the user UI language for the current user and tries to set the language of the application same as UI language.

Version (20.06.2013)

  • New: support for multilingual interface.
  • New: added Russian language.
  • New: now you can save playlist in PLS file format.
  • New: added ability to save lyrics and comment into a file.
  • New: added skin "FM".
  • New: after first run the application sets the default skin as "Office 2007 Blue".
  • Fixed: issue with prohibited characters in file name of playlist.
  • Fixed: issue with incorrect saving of non-Latin characters in playlist.
  • Improved: minor interface changes.
  • Improved: updated help file.

Version (07.04.2013)

  • New: added a feature that allows to get fields of tag from file name.
  • New: added ability to create playlists.
  • New: added option auto numbering selected tracks.

Version (04.03.2013)

  • New: added built-in player.
  • New: synchronization ID3 tags.
  • Improved: conversion of text encoding in batch edit tags.
  • Fixed: issue with message "Failed to set data for ColumnAfterWidth".

Version (31.01.2013)

  • New: added ability for cutting, copying and pasting tags.
  • New: user can add your genres in the genre list.
  • Fixed: incorrect displaying file date in the file list after saving and removing tags.
  • Improved: main window interface.

Version (22.01.2013)

  • New: added renaming files based on the ID3 tag information.
  • New: added two menu items: "Save Tag" and "Remove Tag" in the popup menu of file list.
  • New: added support for Windows 8.
  • Fixed: a confirmation dialog did not displayed when deleting files under Windows 8.
  • Improved: help file was updated.

Version (06.12.2012)

  • New: initial public release.